Testimonials Response

Ange Horst

In 365 days, Andrew introduced me to lap swimming, road biking and the entire sport of Triathlon. Since day 1 in the pool, He showed patience, sincerity and belief in my capabilities.

Although I have been able to swim since my youth, I was never taught free style stroke or lap swimming. Andrew gradually introduced drills and small focus points to my training, which progressed my technique without the use of videos or excess instruction. This enabled me to train without overthinking the experience, allowing mental energy for the rest of life and other elements of the sport.

I’m internally driven, but Andrew’s belief in me as an athlete surpassed my own goals and vision. He invited me to explore who I am as an athlete, and aim higher.

I entered races based solely on his belief that I could execute them well, and I did. Training with Yoder Performance has brought me new friends and numerous race day accomplishments.

Andrew’s coaching philosophy offers a solid counterpoint to the Type A personality. By using perceived effort to gauge exertion rather than target times and paces, Andrew brought me through my first season free of injury. Andrew’s Triathlon coaching has given me a way to maintain my fitness outside of the gym with a variety of outdoor workouts while developing new athletic friendships.

Being a Yoder Performance athlete surpassed my expectations of the Coach experience.


Andrew goes above and beyond what most coaches do. He’s got great knowledge and the ability to give each athlete his undivided attention. I was getting burned out and my experience with him has challenged me, bettered me and motivated me in the sport again. He thinks everything out precisely for the good of the individual. It was a fun year and I look forward to building on that in the year to come.

Becca Shertzer

Being an athlete in the “Yoder Tribe” has been a life-changing experience.  I have met all of my goals this past year with Andrew’s detailed and personalized coaching.  I also reached new heights in my triathlon career, of which I didn’t realize I was capable.  Andrew’s principled and transparent coaching methods helped me see the possibilities in my future.  This year, I qualified for the Boston Marathon after many attempts prior to his leadership and I also qualified for the 2018 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships.  Additionally, Andrew cultivates a great community feel with his coaching style, which has fostered many great connections and friendships for me along the way.  I look forward to the 2018 season with Andrew and to continue to grow into the best athlete I can possibly be.

Brian_pngWhat makes Andrew such a phenomenal coach is his ability to listen and adjust. Andrew takes the time to understand you as a person and to understand the inevitable life constraints that will conflict with the multi-sport pursuit. He truly invests himself into your success, and aligns his goals with yours. That empathetic foundation paired with the wealth of knowledge he has accumulated over his decade-plus of competitive racing has enabled him to craft simple yet effective training plans that fit well into a busy lifestyle while still maximizing performance output. I definitely recommend Andrew as a coach for athletes of all abilities.

dave_mediumI’ve been racing triathlons for years but never took it so seriously as to consider a coach. I was reluctant to go with a professional coach because I wanted to keep triathlon an enjoyable hobby rather than a job. I’ve always enjoyed training but I never had much structure to my workouts. I started working with Andrew last year and I’ve had tremendous success. Last year, I finished 22nd in my AG at the USA Sprint Nationals in Omaha, Nebraska. I competed again this year and after one year of training with Andrew, I placed 8th in my AG and earned a spot on Team USA and will compete at the World Triathlon Championships in Australia in 2018! I am excited about my consistent improvement and looking forward to another successful year. I highly recommend Andrew for anyone interested in becoming more efficient and motivated in their athletic endeavors.

Eliot Scymanski

I have known Andrew for the past 8 years in various capacities and above all else I am left with the impression that this is a person who genuinely cares about making people’s lives better. My questions or problems have never seemed a burden, rather Andrew makes you feel like he genuinely cares about your success.

In one year of coaching Andrew has been able to recognize countless areas for improvement and convince me to embrace these ideals in a way no other coach has done so far. Andrew quickly realized I was not getting the most out the work I was putting in and has convinced me to train smarter not necessarily just harder. Training and racing triathlons is by no means easy but Andrew certainly makes it enjoyable and his genuine character makes it easy to buy into and believe in his program. I would certainly recommend Yoder Performance for anyone looking to find new enjoyment in triathlon, take their racing to the next level and just be a better athlete in general. Happy racing.


With no prior triathlon experience, I decided to sign up for the 2017 half-Ironman in Lake Placid.  The thought of training and preparing for such a huge event was really intimating, so I reached out to Andrew for guidance and coaching to help me with the whole process.  As a long time runner, I’ve had plenty of experience training on my own and didn’t know what to expect from having a coach, but I trusted that Andrew would be able to help me reach my goals.  I can say that working with him far exceeded any expectations that I had at the beginning of this entire journey.  Andrew worked with my schedule and prepared a very specific, personalized training plan each week.  He provided me with valuable swim, bike and run feedback that helped me improve and gain strength in each of these areas.  Andrew was always available and ready to answer my many questions and he readily adjusted the plan when injury/illness/life got in the way.  Beyond the basic weekly plan, working with Andrew definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone and into an entirely new level of training.  His training plan not only ensured that I was well prepared for race day, but he also turned me into a better overall athlete.  Each hard session and each completed week of training helped me to gain confidence and skills that I would need to complete my race.  Andrew challenged me to trust his plan and to give my best each day.  He encouraged me to attend group sessions that stretched me way outside of my comfort zone.  These group sessions were another wonderful aspect of Andrew’s training plan – it was such a great opportunity to train with and learn from many of his other athletes.  I September 2017, I completed my first half-Ironman in 5:58 with a smile on my face, feeling strong and capable the entire time. It is evident that Andrew truly cares about his athletes and wants to help them succeed at every level.  I am beyond thankful for Andrew’s coaching and guidance.  He is a fantastic coach.